Montana KIDS COUNT’s mission is to improve child and family wellbeing in our state, by disseminating data and research that will advance awareness of challenges and opportunities. We make this information available to child advocates, policy makers and Montana citizens to encourage informed and responsible decision-making, as good data make for better policies.


We envision a future in which:

  • improving child outcomes is the top priority for our state;
  • planning, budget and policy decisions are rooted in data and research; and
  • all children grow up in economically secure families; live in supportive, nurturing communities; and meet developmental, health and educational milestones.


Montana KIDS COUNT believes that:

… responsibly collected and reported data are necessary for sound decision making.

…policy and program decisions should support children in reaching their fullest potential.

… all children, families and communities should have access to opportunity and security regardless of
their race, ethnicity or geographic location.

… when children thrive, Montana prospers.


Montana KIDS COUNT is the leading resource for data on child and family wellbeing in the state. We are a member of the national KIDS COUNT Network, and receive funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Montana KIDS COUNT is housed in the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University Montana. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization.


  • compile and share current, comprehensive data on child and family wellbeing in each of our state’s 56 counties. Our data addresses six domains: demographics, health, education, family and community, economic wellbeing, and safety and risk behaviors.


  • compile high-quality data from public sources and publish it online and in our Montana KIDS COUNT Data Book.


  • publish issue briefs and other data products on topics related to the wellbeing of Montana children and families that explore data, policy and research, and offer recommendations to improve policies and practices.


  • provide presentations and trainings that align with our organizational mission and expertise.


  • contracted services for: technical assistance, needs assessments, data analysis, and program evaluation.


  • linked with the National KIDS COUNT which provides access to resources such as: the National KIDS COUNT Data Book, Data Center and Policy Reports.